2 Effective techniques

Here’s a quote to remember – “The cost of procrastination is the life you could have lived.”

That is a heavy, yet sobering truth.

When we procrastinate on what we should do in order to progress in life, the life we want gets ‘procrastinated’ too. Deep in our hearts, we know what we need to do. And yet, we don’t.

  • Why do we procrastinate?

There’s a reason for this – our mind perceives the work that we need to perform as ‘uncomfortable’ or ‘painful’. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a workout session at the gym or important tasks for your business, your mind will try to get you to procrastinate on 

Herein lies the dilemma… you’re fighting yourself.

  • So how do you overcome this resistance?

There are 2 very effective ways to go about this. The ‘5-Second and 2-Second Rule’. Count down from 5 or 2 and hit the ground in action once you get to 1.